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Submission Guidelines
Carina UK is Harlequin UK’s brand new digital imprint.

Our mission is to find exceptional talent and connect creativity and storytelling quickly and cleverly with readers everywhere.

Harlequin UK have been at the forefront of digital publishing for many years and now we are using that expertise to hone our new digital list – collaborating with you the author to bring your stories and ideas to readers globally.

Carina will consider ALL genres of writing. What matters to us is that you tell a great story! No matter the genre, the style, the format – if it’s a novel, novella, serial or series – we want to hear from fresh voices across the storytelling world. In addition, due to rapidly expanding digital markets in the UK, South Africa and India, we’d especially love to hear from authors from those territories.

Publishing is changing rapidly, you are authors in an inspiring new era, and we want to collaborate with you to take advantage of these exciting changes and bring the best stories to the world of readers.

It’s your passion, storytelling and voice that will make your manuscript stand out and be considered for publication. The journey after that is limitless…

If you have any questions, you can email us at

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Why Carina UK?

Carina UK is home to fantastic storytelling.

We are a boutique imprint with the might of a big, global publisher. We are dedicated to publishing your stories quickly, commercially and with excellence. Harlequin UK have been at the forefront of digital publishing for many years and now we are using that expertise to hone our new digital list – collaborating with you the author to bring your stories and ideas to readers globally.

You will be partnered with our highly experienced editors and eagle-eyed copy-editors, creative design experts and award-winning digital marketing & retail team and together we will make your work achieve the very best.

Carina UK is about finding exceptional talent and connecting your creativity and storytelling quickly and cleverly with readers everywhere.

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What are your guidelines?

Our guidelines are simple – tell a good story.

No matter the genre, the length or style we are buying stories that send shivers down our spines, make us laugh out loud, gasp with shock, make us wipe away our tears or stay up all night, make us wish we were vampires or could slip back in time, make us long to live in the 19th century or head back to high school! You name it, we’ll tell it. Just keep us hooked!

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I’ve got an idea for a different type of story…

We believe that there are no boundaries when it comes to publishing. We are a flexible, innovative storytelling imprint so we’re open to new ideas across the creative world.

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Why not self-publish?

Self-publishing has never been easier. However it’s still very hard to self-publish successfully.

At Carina UK you have access to over a hundred years of publishing expertise. We know about publishing, we know how to grow an author’s career, we know what readers want and what retailers want.

We understand how much work has gone into writing your story. You should make sure that it is published in the best way possible – edited and polished to perfection, precisely copy-edited, commercially packaged, strategically marketed and promoted so it stands apart from the crowd and distributed among third party retailers to have optimal space and reach in the digital marketplace. We have those skills, we have the partnerships, we have the trade distribution and dedicated team of experts and you can trust us to look after your story and grow your career.

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Digital vs print

We all LOVE books but we love stories more. The market is changing. More and more people are reading digitally. The scope and variety offered in the digital marketplace means that people are making their own choices about what they read – whether they’re on trend or going off on a completely new genre tangent – this allows us to publish with more flexibility. In the age of ereaders, smart phones and tablets length, genre and format are more fluid… the publishing world is becoming limitless and that’s one of the most exciting things we’ve heard in a long time.

Our aim is to connect readers with stories – you are authors in a new, exciting era and the digital world is your oyster.

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What are your royalties? Do you pay an advance?

We don’t pay an advance against royalties. Carina UK pays 40% of net digital receipts to books sold.

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How quickly will I hear back from you?

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can but usually within 3-5 weeks. We can’t wait to read your story!

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How quickly will my book be published?

Fast! Readers are ready and waiting and as we aren’t limited by print processes and bookshop space we have much greater flexibility when it comes to getting stories to market.

However we also don’t want to compromise on quality – we want you to have the time to work with your editor to get the very best from your story. And looking to the future we will work with you to tailor the strongest publication strategy for your career.

We will promise this: the time it takes from submission to virtual shelf will be significantly faster than print!

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Will my manuscript be edited and copy edited?

ABSOLUTELY! The best publishing has always been about collaboration and trust. Carina UK reinforces that message. We have a rigorous acquisition process and a team of fantastic editors who will work with you to shape and polish your story.

A second opinion from an experienced editor is worth its weight in gold and should give you the tools and confidence to develop, explore and experiment with your story-telling and creative talent.

Harlequin has always been about the best storytelling and publishing excellence and that won’t change because we are digital.

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Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

Yes. However, you cannot submit to Carina UK and any other subsidiary of Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. simultaneously (ie. Harlequin, Mills & Boon, Silhouette, MIRA etc.) But you are welcome to submit a manuscript to us that is also under consideration at other publishers. We only ask that you let us know immediately if it’s contracted elsewhere, so we can let our editors know it’s no longer available.

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How do I submit?

Our online submission page is currently down, which we’re working to recover as soon as possible. In the meantime, please email three chapters and a synopsis plus a covering letter to

Make sure your submission is legible (normal font, 12 point, double spaced), note down the full manuscript word count in the covering letter and please include your contact details, including phone number.

If the manuscript is part of a series then tell us about it. If you’ve been published before we’d love to know when and where and if you’ve had feedback previously let us know.

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